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I know we're in the middle of winter(?), but am keen to do what I can in the current relatively mild weather. Would perennials get upset if I moved them around the garden now? I was going to do it last year in March when traditionally it can still be relatively cold and frosty, but then we had a heat wave and it brought everything forward by a month, so just left it. I don't want to miss an opportunity this year if the weather is mild.

Good time for lots of them, for splitting up as well. What plants have you in mind for moving?

Siberian Iris (I can see new growth coming up through thicket of last years cut back leaves), Sedums, Dicentra (bleeding hearts), Crocosmia (Lucifer), Geranium (Cranes Bill), potentilla (not the shrub but perennial). I also want to plant in the ground the freebies I rec'd from Thompson and Morgan which moving things around will allow me to do. The freebies are currently in pots on the garden bench.

The only one I'd have any doubt about is the dicentra, but I wouldn't let that stop me. Good time to do some splitting up as well, especially the geraniums and potentillas. You'll probably find you have crocosmia in both places this summer

same thing here when is a good time to move Agapanthus to big for space now needs to back against the wall a bit more but same area

Any clue?



That's a bit on the not so hardy side. Might not be so quick to disturb it. I had to remove one in November and potted it up to a large pot with as little disturbance as pos. I await results

Thank nutcutlet I will move when warmer then

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