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Hello everyone,

As you can see on these pictures, my ficus is in terrible shape...

I read a few threads about saving ficus (wick, smaller pot, clean the roots, trim them etc..)

But before getting into this, I would like an opinion.
Is this ficus dead?
Perhaps my home isn't the best for it.
I live in Berlin, Germany where it is pretty cold. Indirect light is rare. 

Thank you in advance

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Well, it's clearly NOT dead.


Looks in good shape to me!

It used to be very full. 10 times more leaves.
Do you think I should get the roots to check if some are rotten ?


It won't be happy when that radiator is switched on, however it looks fairly good at the moment.


I would guess it has lost leaves as the atmosphere is dry from being near the radiator.The plant still looks OK,I don't think the roots would be rotten but the soil could be too dry maybe?

Thank you all for your answers.
I'm gonna change its position
Perhaps change the soil 

Wish you a nice end of summer to you all!


Why are you planning to change the soil?

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