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hi guys n girls just noticed these on my leaves, is it anything to worry about



 I didn't notice these yesterday as i took out a sucker and put it in water to root.

don't know if this might help last week a few of the bottom leaves were turning yellow, i removed the worser ones and gave it a feed and it has now gone back to a nice green again. Just wanted to know if these spots were anything to worry about


Could be mosaic virus. 


Could be Magnesium deficiency.  The cure is to spray the plant with diluted Epsom salts.


If it's good quality potting mix it's unlikely to be a magnesium deficiency. Could be the early stages of fungal problems, might be nothing. Wait a couple of days, see what develops, maybe post some more photos.

Thanks, just gave it a spray with epsom salts guessing it can't hurt it either way. The soil is just plain old multi purpose compost, from just feeding it last week it has improved lots, i'll report back in a day or 2

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