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 I know there is a weed on the left hand top corner of the first picture, but the whole thing seems overrun to me.  I planted tiny little plants in April 2013 and kept them well weeded all last year.

Sorry, the weed that I know about is on the 2nd picture.


That's what that  particular campanula does - I pull it all up every year - every year it grows back to look just like yours 

Oh dear.  Is there any way of calming it down?  I just wanted a carpet of colour in that plot for the summer without too much work.  If I trim it all back now, do you think I'll lose the flowers for this summer?


I think that one could be C. poscharskyana. Trailing bell flower. 

It looks like it and your description of its growth sounds like it



I think it would have another go at flowering. But you will have a carpet of flowers for little effort


I always get confused between those two - but I've got the one that grows back from nothing to 18* tall in a matter of a fortnight!


Ideas of world domination

Mm, not sure.  I don't really like the "wild, overgrown, world domination look"    I'm fairly sure that it's Campanula Portenschlagiana, at least that's what I bought anyway and I always keep a record of what I have planted on a spread sheet.   It may have to be dug up and I can feel a quick trip to our local nursery coming on ...


Those two names are similarly unpronounceable and they are often wrongly labelled.

If you check on the RHS website or in the big RHS book you'll see the difference, 

Nutcutlet, yes I see what you mean.  I think my flowers are more like the poscharskyana. 

Dovefromabove, when you say you dig yours up each year and it comes back - does that mean it's really hard to get rid of completely, like the dreaded wild garlic and celadine?



Nothing a good dose of weedkiller won't sort out Charley. 

I don't think it's as bad as the two you mention unless it's gone in an amongst the roots of other plants or rockery stones etc. There are a lot of very attractive and very invasive campanulas

Ha ha, I like it.  Yes, I'm quite handy with resolva after all the wild garlic and celadine 

I'll have a look at a replacement for it first though.  I wanted about 30cm high in this bed but something that will look neat and stay in it's place.

Thanks for your help!



In this garden it grows in the crack between the house and the side path - it's very shady there -

It was there when we moved in two and a half years ago - I sprayed it the first year but it came back - now in the summer I wait until it has flowered and pull it up before it seeds 


I think I'll leave it in for the summer and benefit from the flowers and then give it a good old resolva spray and dig it all up.  Dovefromabove - yours looks very similar to mine and in a similar area too. 

In the meantime, I'll enjoy planning its replacement



There is no soil under mine - just the crack between the path and the wall!

What????  Really?!  What sort of beast have I got in our garden?  It is definitely going at the end of August.  I'm enjoying planning its replacement


Charley I had it in a previous garden on a shady little area behind my garage. Heavy sticky clay - it behaved itself quite well 

Fairygirl, I would have been happy with a 20cm growth with a nice carpet of pretty purple flowers on top, but I don't like it when it looks so untidy and overgrown.  I enjoy having a fairly structured garden with everything in it's place.   Did yours look overgrown like mine or did it stay manageable?


It was a bit sprawly Charley but nothing much would grow on the little bank it was on. I think the claggy soil probably kept it in check. It's not one of those manicured plants unfortunately. It was an area of the garden where the children had a playhouse and wasn't really visible from the rest of the garden. I would have had to cover the bank in bark or gravel otherwise so it suited the area. I think mine might have been poscharskyana which was lower growing. Don't have any pix - no digital camera back then!

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