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I've seen a few posts like this on the site and need some help. I've just moved into a new flat and the survey showed that there was Japanese Knotweed at the bottom of the garden


 I think this is it. There are 3 shoots. Including this big one

 My question concerns the stuff in the background. I'd assumed that it was an old strand of Bamboo that had died but when I pulled up the large Japanese Knotweed shoot today it suddenly struck me that this stuff looks very like it. It seems very dead and very dry and woody.

 and this appears to be the base of it

 Have I got a bigger problem than I first thought?

Any help/advice greatly appreciated.


I can't get any of those photos big enough to see.

I'd need better photos to be sure but the dead stuff looks more like elder than bamboo.


Hi peter keep

the old dead stuff in the last 3 pictures is definitly japanese knotweed but not 100% sure about the top one although it probably is I'm afraid. It dies down each year as you have shown & resprouts from undergound rhizomes in the spring. You will need to spray it with a strong concentration of roundup (glyphosphate) in the spring & carry on doing so as often as you can. Sorry to say it takes at least 3 years to tackle it BUT it looks as if there isnt that much in your garden so you will suceed!! We moved into our current home 2 years ago & we have our 'inherited' weed under control now but havent quite eradicated it yet - in technical terms it's a bugger to get rid of! Good luck!!!


You must burn any you dig up

Many thanks all for your swift responses. Nutcutlet here's some higher resolution pictutres that will hopefully give more detail.






It does look like it to me.  Easy to tell if it's not bamboo - tear the stalk.  At that thickness Knotweed is relatively easy to tear and bamboo isn't.  If I remember from being a kid you get some clear liquid draining too.  You must burn what you have torn off though as I believe you must have a biological waste license to remove it.

Thanks Farmergeddun. The stuff is very dry and woody. It's also very tough to break at the bottom. I had to break the bottom parts over my knee and there was no liquid coming from it.


I never came back after you enlarged the pics Peter. I'm sure these people are right. Although I've seen JKW, and sympathised with those who have it, it's always been someone else's problem to deal with

Thanks Nutcutlet. Looks like I have a long battle ahead.


A right b....... that stuff. How much live growth have you got to deal with?

One large shoot and two small ones. I've pulled them up and will see what happens in the Spring


Hi Peter. I believe councils with this problem are using high strength weedkillers now with good results, but I don't know what tactics they're using with them. My ex husband lives next door to a wooded area and it was coming through into the garden so they are now addressing it.  I expect they've done it over the summer and will look at it in spring when growth gets going again. If I can remember to ask him more about it I will. 


The weedkiller is injected into the stem after it has been cut, it has to be growing.

Thanks Fairygirl and Fleurisa.

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