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I planted some seed potatoes in October, purchased as 'will be ready for Christmas'. We've had a period of heavy rain but, before this, the plants that were starting to grow had healthy green leaves.  When I was at my allotment at the weekend, the green had all disappeared and, of the 2 plants that had anything left, the stems were soggy and collapsed.  Is this potato blight? 

When I have tried this in the past, I was advised to plant the potatoes in deep bags in the greenhouse. I did get a small crop at Christmas, but I wouldn't bother again. Potatoes are sensitive to frost, and potato blight is unlikely at this time of year. I think archiepem is right.


 what i do is keep some back from the main crop . and but in layers in deep pots cover with compost . and put somewhere with a bit of shelter . and check christmas week . any problems  i get  a few packets from sainsburys  and bury  again  and dig up christmass day  the family never twig 



Bob Flowerdew in AG magazine recommended growing potatoes at the normal time. When you dig them up select the best potatoes, put them in a tin with sand or compost. Bury the tin (and remember where), dig the tin up at Christmas time and they should be like new potatoes. Disclaimer: I haven't tried this myself.


I remember someone on GW a very long time ago - possibly Geoff Hamilton, suggesting the same thing.


I've tried growing for Christmas in a potato barrel thinking it would be warmer than a sack, put it in unheated greenhouse, tended as required but they just didn't grow. They were chitted. I've no prob's growing at correct time.

I really did it as an experiment as I usually still have Pentland Javelin stored in a sack in the garage.

I think Archie has the best plan.

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