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I have just found one of these pests on my rose shrub.  Munching away on the flower.  As it was the first one I have seen, should I be worried.?

Hi, I live in Mid Wales, just inside the Shropshire border.  Mick.


Interesting- because from research it is not found in the UK-are you sure about indentification?-it is a major pest

Alina W

I'm sure that I answered this - must be going mad!

There are a few in the UK - they've hitched a ride on imported Chinese acers.

They should be captured and reported, details here.



Link not working Alina-another oops

Alina W

There seem to be a few in Europe and the UK now. It seems that the larvae are almost impossible to detect, and that's how they've got in. I'm not sure if we have breeding populations, though, or just odd stragglers.

I certainly hope it's the latter, as, as you say, they are a serious pest.


I think Mick needs to hopefully find it and take a picture for a positive id

I checked the beetles identity with Wilkepedia.  The tan/brown hard type back  with the white zig-zag markings down each side.  Aprroximately   1 1/2" long.  I should have took a photo, before I got rid of it. 

Interestingly, I just found something that I thought was a Japanese Beetle also. Copper back; green metallic head. But not the tufts of white of the true JB ... so just a garden chafer. They're so similar, though. I gather JBs are actually chafers ... how closely are they and the garden chafer related? 

I think I have got japanese beetle on my roses, eating the petals.  Not sure what to do,just sprayed with rose clear, will catch one and take a picture.

have sprayed them, just checked and they have all gone.



I think it's a shame you sprayed them before you were sure what they were 

We can't go around killing things just in case ....

anything that scoffs my roses gets sprayed, I wait all year for them to flower, not prepared for anything to damage them.

The best way to get rid of these japanese beetles is to remove them mannually other things like pesticides or insects killer i don't find them really reliable yet. For this i thing you should consult some termite experts they will help you in this. 


Not much call for termite experts in the UK thankfully