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I have japanese knotweed in the corner of my garden it is coming from the garden at the back of my house but it is spreading down my garden I was wondering as the stems seem dead can I cut them down


Some time ago it was feared that this stuff was going to become a real pest and people were asked to contact their local council if they saw it. I dont know if they re still doing that, they used to come straight away and kill it.
Maybe worth a phone call?

prob cut it dwn to bottom,then dig some of it out then spray with weed killer rd website says hard to get rid of it maybe flame thrower too wet thou


Yes think you need advice from someone knowledgeable, can be quite tricky I believe. I read that it's better to keep pulling it up rather than cutting, maybe a little googling?


I would contact the Council; maybe they could get your neighbour to deal with the problem in their garden, otherwise it will always be coming through.



I understasnd the best time to tackle it is in the late summer/ autumn as it dies down by injecting weed killer directly into the hollow stem just above the roots.

You will never defeat it by pulling it up as there will be re-growth from every bit that's left in the ground. Suimilarly you cannot eradicate it by digging it up.

Do what you can to keep the growth weak until you can tackle it in the autumn. 

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but Japanese Knotweed is proving to be a really serious problem in the UK now, even though it was apparently introduced as an "ornamental" in the past. If you find it, you are supposed to inform your local authority, as it is classed as a "notifiable weed".  If it is found on your property, this can seriously affect the property's value, as most lenders will not authorise a mortgage where Japanese Knotweed is present, and because it can affect neighbouring properties (as in your case) it's possible that other legal situations can arise. 

Before doing anything else, I'd suggest you google "Japanese knotweed".  There are lots of websites which explain the situation as regards the position you inadvertently find yourself in, and there are sites which can help explain ways to try to eradicate the plant itself.


Hyper C F is right, it is very serious and you need to do proper research on it.

I understood you contact council if you have Japanese knotweed. Down here all kinds of herbicides, weedkillers and treatments are being tried. This is a real thug. I'm not sure there is an effective control yet

We got rid of ours by doing as Sam12 said, spray, spray and spray again, it took almost a year, but it's gone! But you must report it and get your neighbour to cooperate.

Good to know glyphosate works. There's now a super glyphosate available I notice

sam is right - don't dig it, treat with strong glyphosate. The best way is to cut into each leaf stem and pour some glyphosate into the hollow tubular stem, as well as treating the leaves.

At a school where I used to teach a new carpark was laid and 6 months later knotweed had workrd its way under an 8 ft tall brick wall and lifted the tarmac. No one had realised that the land the other side was infested with the stuff. 

Catherine Hi,the last thing i want to do is worry you but Hypercharliefarley is dead right it is a serious problem even if its coming from another property get advice now, legalities can become serious as i have been through this with a house i was buying ,No mortgages are available with this problem,the council will help DO NOT cut it down as there is a special time to attack it, this is the man who helped me Glen,01559370109 he will advise you if you call him ,he is a good bloke and an expert Dont touch it till you have advise from the right people ,i hope this is of use
good luck Alan4711

I had this in my last garden and I didn't know you weren't supposed to cut it down so I did, right down to under the soil.  I kept doing this and eventually it gave up trying.

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