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Jean Genie

help I repotted my acer palmatum in April and all the leaves withered . Then some of the smaller branches died . The tree is still alive so I ve cut the dead ones off as recommended from a gardening site . What do you think the chances are on it's survival ? Think I damaged the tap root when I transplanted it. Not in wind , sun etc. and used ericacious compost and gave it weak feed . HELP !!


Alina W

Sounds like you damaged the roots significantly. Best thing to do is to keep it in a sheltered spot and see what happens. Don't over-water it now that it has no leaves - keep it just moist.

Depending on its age and size, there is a chance that it'll produce fresh leaves, either this summer or next spring.

Jean Genie

Thanks Alina may have sent this twice its 2 ft and 6 years old think its a palmatum bloodgood never had a problem until I re-potted it It was in a wooden container and some of the roots had got into the damaged wood think thats what caused it.


Keep it somewhat shaded, feed and protect it and it will almost certainly come back - they do put up with alot of abuse before turning up their toes.  You don't need to repot them, though I understand that as its roots were in the wood that you wanted to.  I have seen one over 25 year old, flourishing, in quite a small pot from which it had never been moved.  Choose a good pot, and then leave it alone for a few years - it will delight you for many more with any luck. 

Jean Genie

I didn't really want to re- pot it but had no choice . The wooden container it was in had rotted and the compost was cascading everywhere !

Thanks for your advice , Feel better now as it really is one of my favourites.

Do you have any advice on my bird of paradise plant with the weird flower stalks ? I've posted a question. Many thanks .

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