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Can anyone tell me do I water these or just let them grow normally under cover to prevent winter frosts? I have put them under cover and they are growing like the other onions but apparently they do not need watering until spring. Is this correct?




Why are they under cover? They are winter hardy plants which shouldn`t be molly coddled. Take the covers off and let them grow naturally.

I thought they had to start shooting first before the covers come off

Lickle den, you said they are growing so no need to cover. I cover only when first planted to stop birds pulling them up. As soon as green shoot appears remove cover. No, don't water during the winter


But surely with all our rain they will rot with the ground being soaked.


All I cover them with is a fleecy fabric.


No they wont-they are winter onions-you can't keep rain off with fleece anyway

What is meant is that they don't need artificial watering-I think you are get getting really confused

If they have shooted-remove the fleece-leave therm be-did you read the advice in the link I posted above?

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