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please advise on why my trachelospermum jasminoides has not flowered since potting, south west facing with it's back to by koi pond


Is it newly planted, Koigirl?


I can't even see buds on mine yet this year. They need to be in a very sheltered warm situation and the weather has not been great (gross understatement) so far this year. How big is the plant/pot. Have you fed the plant ? You say its back is to a koi pond - is this a raised pond and it is growing against it?

the size of the pot is 14", pond is raised but the jasmine has an area away from the pond wall, been planted over 18 months, some of the leaves are discoloured, plant gets a feed every other day


water every other day and once a week with a tomato feed


Definitely overfeeding it, Koigirl. Mine, in only a slightly larger pot, gets a feed in spring and that's it. Mine is only watered every day when it hits 40C. I'd cut back heavily on feeding and on watering.


Agree with the above. What is it growing against if not the pond. How sheltered is it?

my potted  jasmine suth west facing watered once weekly fed once fortnightly with tomato feed, grows quite well ,new shoots but loses lots of leaves after they turn yellow and then brown, it flwers ok too.

thank you for the assistance, will cut back on the watering and feed


Mine is three years old and has grown to just over two foot, it has healthy looking leaves but it's never flowered.. Is this normal and it's against a south facing wall in a pot 


They can take a while to get going, Michele, but three years is stretching things. How big is the pot? What is the feeding and watering regime?


Mine has only recently flowered as of a few days ago. I think it's going to flower a lot later than it should by all accounts this year. 

After reading people's comments I think my pot is too small. I will transfer it to a larger pot and see what happens. Thank you for your comment.

The leaves of my Jasmine are yellowing and I have had no flowers, It is set into the ground. What could be the problem



Has it had any fertiliser? Mine has a liking for rose fertiliser in spring and a couple of times throughout the year.

  Thank you I will try that, No I didnt put any fertilizer on it to date.


That's more than likely the problem.

My jasmine has not flowered once in 3 years, it's grown about 7 foot with plenty leaves but still no flowers

my jasmine is partly shaded in ground, growing very well up the fence. Two years ago it was full of flowers. This year and last year it only has a few flowers on.

I feed it occasionally with miracle grow and water regularly in summer.