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Jess is in the Garden

I planted a jasmine (I think it's an officinalis one, but there was no label, as was a present from someone who bought it in M&S!) against a sheltered, west-facing wall, spring 2011. It has growth beautifully and this year gave a good burst of flowers over about 3 weeks, back in May. Since then, no flowers. I have fed it and it is very healthy with good new growth. My neighbour has her jasmine on an east wall and it flowered for about 3 months - looks every inch the same as my variety (deciduous too). Are there jasmines which only flower once, or is mine just not as happy as it ought to be? I had hoped for a few more weeks of flowers, as it's outside my bedroom window, so with the window open at night, it smells lovely. Thanks!


What colour were the flowers? If white, I would agree on it being officinale.


Jess is in the Garden

Thanks, daituom - yes, the flowers were small, white and star shaped.

Do you know of any jasmine officinalis that only flowers once, rather than repeat flowering over many weeks?



I have the same jasmine by the sound of it. I just let it get on with life, I don't feed it, I chop chunks off when it gets too big and it has an initial flush of flowers followed by a smaller amount continuously after that. Perhaps you are being too nice to it and it is producing lots of leaves at the expense of flowers. Mine is in a deep raised bed shared with other plants, it has never been fed nor had any soil replaced.

Jess is in the Garden

Hi Flo, so how long was it flowering for overall?

Mine got one feed a few weeks ago, then another now, in desperation at so few flowers! No other special treatments and, like you, I tend to lop off the straggly bits from time to time and that's about it.

Mine is in a very deep, smallish bed with little else in it...soil is ordinary compost, about a year old now.

Do they take more than a year to do more?

Thanks for your advice

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