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My jasmine variegatum has not produced a lot of flowers this year, the foliage is growing well but only a handful of flowers what am i doing wrong?


I grow this one too slowpoke.  Not too many flowers on mine either this year.  Mind you, it's not as floriferous as the standard plain green  summer jasmine. (mine has masses of scented flowers). The variegated jasmine isn't, too my mind, a great flowerer......anyone else getting lots of flowers on this?

This autumn I intend to scatter potash around my gooseberries and blackcurramts as well as the variegated jasmine. (they are in the same area).  I prune mine back fairly hard every autumn, as I do with green jasmine.  Try potash slowpoke.


Lavender Lady

I have summer jasmine and mine, too, has only produced a few flowers this year.  I also have the pretty Star Jasmine which has not produced any flowers at all.  Obviously not a good year for jasmines.  On the other hand, roses have been glorious and have made up for lack of jasmine.  Still flowering and looking great.   I suppose what we lack in one dept we make up for in another


A feed with a tomato or rose fertiliser does the trick with my jasmine. Low nitrogen is the key. Too much nitrogen and you get tons of foliage at the expense of flowers.

Just to repeat, my standard (plain green) jasmine has been, and still is, massed with flowers.  We are talking about the variegated form which is not so,floriferous but even less so this year.  Agree with Italophile ....a high potash feed should help or a straight potash application.


Thanks for your replies. Sorry to seem thick but would bonemeal work or not?



Bonemeal is usually low in potassium, high in phosphorous.

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