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I've discovered some patches of a slimy jelly like substance in a flower bed. Has anyone got any idea as to what this?

Alina W

Did it appear after rain? Is it white? If so, it may be water-retaining granules from the soil of a plant that you have planted there.


If it's sort of joined up translucent globules, sorry terrible descrption, then it could be water retaining gel, especially if you've added to any pot compost that has ended up in the garden.

If it's dark brown slime then hedgehog poo an option!

Small opalescent pearls in clumps are slug eggs- birds love those.

I think there is also a slime mould that likes damp, compacted soil. J.


Any chance of a photo?  that might give us a clue 


I don't think it's water retaining granules but it did appear after I planted some bulbs. The soil isn't especially compacted. Could it be some type of mould or fungi? I do live in Lancashire, a wet part of England!


Alina W

It's unlikely to be mould or fungi - slime mould would need a compacted and very wet soil.

Most likely water-retaining gel - see if it vanishes after a few dry days. In any case, very unlikely to be anything to worry about.


Thanks everyone for your replies. I do hope it isn't slug eggs - have had enough of the blighters this year!

I'm in SW France and have found a couple of large jelly-like mounds on and in small flower beds outside kitchen door. Looked like someone had emptied packets of brown sugar but when I scraped it off was like jelly. I have photos but can't load them onto this message.

In my garden in SW France I've discovered a couple of patches of jelly-like substance, each about a foot in diameter and resembling brown sugar. Any ideas what it is and what I should do about them? One is near the base.  Of a climbing rose, which didn't do well this summer...



Just taken another photo:



Its looks like the interior of a disposable nappy.


Don't do that while I'm preparing food fb

Stacey Docherty

Bob the garden oh yes the foxes do steal them nappies... My lo takes hers off in the garden when it was wamer and in the paddling pool etc. We put them in the outside bin "bang crash" one night next morning a trail of nappies down the garden ..... Found 3 in the woods...... Why on earth they would want them is beyond me ( just want to add just #1 not #2 nappies) 



So, Bob, could we take apart nappies and use the innards in potting compost? New nappies


I don't see why not gardenjeannie.  You'd have to probably experiment a bit to get the amount right.  However, I read somewhere that they don't really help all that much with retaining water anyway (they did a test with identical hanging baskets) so I don't bother using them anymore.

Hi Lesley, Sorry I can't help you with identification but thought I would let you know you are not alone with this problem. I too get the same brown jelly like substance in my beds. Mine is nothing like the photos,(they look very crystalized). It is a total mystery but I have believe it appears mostly during damp spells, would you agree?


Thanks, Bob.  I haven't for last couple of yrs, but baskets dreied out quicker this yr so had thought might give them another try next yr. Won't bother now, thanks.

We had them on the lawn in SW France. The earth is hard, compacted limey clay, so I use the word "lawn" loosely. Any ideas anyone. I don't use water-retaining granules and don't have babies.