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I have just washed some terracotta pots in a solution of jeyes fluid and water before putting some geranium cuttings into them, as I put them indoors on the kitchen windowsill I could soon smell the distinct aroma of Jeyes fluid and thought that maybe the cuttings would suffer, the smell from the jeyes fluid soon disappeared and the cuttings are looking good.

Steve 309

Bet it won't kill horestail though

Armillatox is a good patio cleaner, but not to be used on the garden, I have used it to wash the glasshouse at the end of the year, with all plants outside for a day or so, no ill effects, and doesn't have the intense smell of Jeyes.

Oxygen bleach is good (an example would be vanish) as this is made from hydrogen peroxide (water with an extra oxygen molecule) , not chlorine bleach though(the liquid in bottles)as this will deffo kill your plants

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