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I just read on the internet for small nests in grass to put a plant pot (ceramic) over the area and as it heats the lava and eggs will move to the top and you scrape the whole lot up and move it to a different site... this is eco friendly and does not kill them... not sure about the massive site you describe though!!!!!


Big pot? Nice idea, I wonder how long it takes them to move up


It would be interesting to do - and then you could feed the grubs to the birds or the fish 

Can you just dig the nest up and chuck all the soil, ants, grubs etc somewhere you don't mind them being?


I'm clearing an allotment and I found a nest in the middle of it.


I would like to have ants in the allotment to predate other insects, but I can't have them staying where they are?


If you're digging the allotment just dig the nest up - the ants will move on but not far away - they may well rescue the grubs and take them with them - if not the birds will have them.



*Faints* I'd have the local pest control company on speed dial.


For ants!   Why on earth would you???  


So many!!! I have never seen a nest that big. And spiders. I'm not good with spiders

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