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Thank you everyone for your ideas to keep cats of the veg patch. I will try some of these and see which one is best. Something has got to work, if  not its back to the old pooper scooper.  

I found the CD's on string worked too but I had to put a lot of them out.

I think perhaps a combination of chicken wire and water sprinkler would work best. From my experience of cats, they are very determined if they want to get somewhere and are not easily deterred. However, they HATE water and wire netting over soil makes it very awkward for them. So let's go there!!



Take a look at this video with a great method to keep cats away!

Will be trying it myself but will use Voltaren Gel on the teabags!


Agree with those favouring water pistols. I need to invest in a good supersoaker! I don't blame the cats, I blame their owners for not training them to do their "business" in their own garden, Water FTW! Anyone have any Water Gun recommendations?



Have you ever trained a cat? If so, let me know how!


Has anyone tried the fishing line tip I posted yesterday, be interesting to see if it works for other people or is it just my daughter and its a coincidence!


Swiss Sue I saw the cat deterant you are suggesting yesterday and I'm definately going to give it a go. I'm fed up with the local cats using my garden as a tiolet. 

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