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Can anyone tell me how keep cats from digging up my veg patch. As soon as you dig the earth over a cat has been in there, yuck! Now get me wrong, I like the furry purries but I just get fed up with them digging up my garden all the time.  Didn't have this problem when I had my dog.

Try growing the curry plant.   They don't like the smell!

I am a cat lover too but since I lost my old girl last year the locals have moved in! One even does its business in my gravel footpath-lovely! But with my veg beds I just lay over them whatever is to hand eg allsorts of pea-stick cuttings, cut up lengths of bramble, the thick lengths are really effective, wire mesh shelves from an old mini-greenhouse etc. As I plant in amongst them I gradually remove the branches etc. seems to work pretty well.........


Thank you for your comments.I've got Curry plants in my front garden and they still go into the flower bed now and again. I think really its a problem we gardeners may have to live with, I've tried the ultra sonic devices and they're not  very good either. I'm glad I didn't throw my dogs pooper scooper out. 

I read in the paper you can buy lion dung, but do not know if it works, I have three stray cats I feed so can not complain if they use my garden to dump.



I might try lion dung, its worth a try. I wont use anything that may hurt the cats, after all they dont understand and they are only doing what cats do. 

When you have your own cats they normally go to someone elses garden to relieve themselves but not mine! What can you say!

Ive got two cats,the kitten dug all my freshley planted spring bulbs up in September.I replanted them,and placed water filled plastic bottles around the bulbs.It seems to have worked.Hope it works for your veg patch,the only problem is the bottles are unsightly.


the water filled bottles works for me

We have two cats and have found a great way to stop them leaving poops all over our garden and the neighbours. A couple of years ago I made a designated toilet area - I chose a spot next to a fence and under a tree so it keeps as dry as possible. I keep a trowel nearby so I can bury their poos deep in places I've chosen. Every now and again I top the toilet up with old compost or sand. They both use it (bless them). I'd rather have the job of toilet attendant than the task of cleaning up after an unexpected squished mess - and my little plants have much better chances! Only works if you have cats yourself  I suppose.

I don't have any domestic pets but found a waterpistol quite a good deterrant if on the spot.

Cats also don't like citrus, I think it confuses their sense of smell so some thing like a pice of old t towel soaked in orange oil at the spot where they normally enter the garden will work and will last longer than chiili or curry powder. You will of course have to top it up in warm weather


I do not have any domestic animals but the neighbour has 2 that use my garden as their loo. I tried the lion dung to deter the foxes but to no avail. The bramble stems definately work.

I like cats but I believe all responsible cat owners should have a litter tray and a bell!!!

I wouldnt allow my dog to soil other  peoples' gardens so I don't see why people should let their cats do it.

Never mind cats - I have fox poo around my garden. Then there are deer, not just a muntjac that comes everyday to munch on what it can find, but also fallow deer that really make a mess with their big hooves. Impossible to cover everything as my veg patch is the size of an allotment, and too costly to fence as you then need doors.


Cats appear to dislike the smell of 'pelleted chicken manure'. So get rid of the cats and feed your plants at the same time!!
Eddie J

Our cat acts as a carrot fly deterrent!


Hi Eddie Jefferies, Love your cat it really made me smile 

I have tried chillie powder and other smelly deterents. Today I took 4 'presents' from one of my beds.  I have put chicken wire and bamboo cane sticks to try to stop them.  I was told that disinfectant also helped but it didn't for me.  Once cats get their smell in a particular area they come back time and time again.  Today I've tried ash from the fire ............ !