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Wow , heavy stuff you guys , I am not a cat lover even though I spend most of the summer months with five of them , I've never seen them do any damage to our lawn and/or all our plants and fact they catch some pesky moles .... but I can think of more worrisome things our respective governments could be spending tax payers money on than the regimentation of our pets ! There are of course exceptions to all e.g. the vicious and idiotic  owners of dogs who are not trained well 

A licensing system to apply to ALL pets, Cats, Dogs, Budgies, Spiders, Ponies, Snakes, Rabbits, ALL pets.

Not just Cats and Dogs.   Our feral cats are very destructive, more so than dogs I think though.

CCompost - I certainly agree with most of your "rant" but not that the UK has the worst record for animal cruelty in Europe or the world.

You only need to travel around a bit to see how animals - whether "pets" , "livestock" or wild animals are treated in other parts of the world.  No comparison IME.

We certainly aren't brilliant but neither are we the worst.  Be nice if we were the "best" but collecting the statistics for that would waste time and money which would be better spent on educating people as to their responsibilities.

You have a point dachalover - the only problem seems to be that Governments the world over can always find useless things to spend taxpayers money on

Such a licensing system could be / should be self financed and not at the expense of the tax payer.  Applicants applying for a licence to keep pets should do so by paying for the training and then the licence to be renewed perhaps every three years. On successful application to keep pets then each pet will have to be licenced incurring an annual fee. And of course there's the pets insurance to pay for, its annual MOT and jabs etc etc.

Self Financing at no extra cost to the tax payer.

Dachalover, you are right about dog owners who fail to train them or take necessary precautions to stop them causing problems. As for the idiots that train dogs for use as a weapon or use them for fighting, the government should make it legal to shoot them. But let's not stray from the topic (cat debates always end up as cats Vs dogs arguments).

Cats very rarely destroy lawns or trees.. just brutally murder wildlife such as birds (their speciality), rodents, not just mice or small rats but shrews and voles, frogs, toads, butterflies an no doubt many other creatures.

Cats certainly crap on lawns a lot and have a tendency to crush, spray urine on or dig up flowers in neighbouring gardens as a way of marking territory. They tend to do it only in their own gardens when competition for boundaries is fierce. That's probably why you experience few problems in your current garden.

Fair enough, every animal needs to excrete poo somewhere but when you've lived in different houses over the years and in each one, cats have destroyed beds of newly planted flowers, or every time an inch of soil is disturbed during weeding, borders are turned into an irresistible litter tray for weeks on end. Then when the borders are hard or too full of crap, the lawn is the next target, then when they got bored of lawn, back door steps seemed a delightful toilet facility.

I'm now a part-time gardener, not RHS qualified, just someone who does a thorough job. My biggest menace is cats crapping all over customers' lawns, in borders, on paths etc. Some young mothers are worried about letting their children play in the garden due to the mess cats leave on the lawns.

And the irony is that only two customers own dogs (and they clean up after them thoroughly) and only 1 customer owns a cat and there has never once been a pile of cat filth on his massive lawns. 



I mentioned it before but fyi, I'm using the PestBye ultrasonic repellent and have only had one turd since I installed it over two months ago... and that was when I forgot to turn it on last weekend.

Chloe Kraven says:
WillDB says:

I mentioned it before but fyi, I'm using the PestBye ultrasonic repellent and have only had one turd since I installed it over two months ago... and that was when I forgot to turn it on last weekend.

See original post

 Sorry to hear of your constipation issues WillDB - try a few prunes on a plate of All Bran for Breakfast

See original post

 LMFAO...... that is honestly one the funniest forum posts I've ever seen 

Seriously, that is wit at its finest - *bows cap to you, young lady 

I have my garden sectioned off from my dog. A) because he likes to dig things up, but B) because I like to walk around barefoot, and I have my grand children come, so I want somewhere foul free for them to play. Now I have my neighbour's Cat messing in there instead. I've put spikes in my beds, but instead it's started messing on my lawn. 

Now for those defending cats and saying they are protected, and have the right to roam as they wish, so what? As owners you have a responsibility to your pet. To me this is a cop out to not take responsibility for your own pet. I'm sick of your cats in my garden. I'm sick of having to slam the brakes on when one decided to run in front of my car, and thus someone else nearly hits the back of me, because I actually don't want to hit your pet that actually I'm allergic to, and rather phobic of. I'm sick of spending MY VERY LIMITED MONEY on muck bags for your cats stinking mess in my garden. I'm sick of my bin stinking for two weeks with your cat's muck in it. I'm sick of it on my boots, tools, or worse still, my clothes and hands. All because you can't be bothered to take responsibility for your own pets as dog, or any other pet owner has to. 

I have a friend who rescues cats. She's just as annoyed as I am by all those of you that allow your cats to roam. She hates that you let your cats get run over, and she has to pick them up, that you allow them to stray so that she becomes responsible for them, and that they get poisoned because you don't provide for them as you should. She has 12 at the moment. They have a huge enclosure in her garden that they can access from her house. This is what people with cats should do instead of making them someone else's responsibility. You see, if I wanted to be doing all that I do above, I'd have bought a cat myself. Instead I'm searching the internet trying to find ways to keep them out of my garden in ways that won't cost me even more money, and I've already tried Lemon peels, juice, oil, coffee grounds, and citronella. Now I'm using spikes, but the damn thing has just moved to my lawn >:-(  I have ME, and my garden is the only bit of pleasure I have left to me, and now it's being destroyed by someone else's cat!

If you read back on all the various threads which deal ( or attempt to deal ) with cat problems, you will see that the one deterrent which seems to come up trumps over the years is one of those Water scarecrow thingies. Sadly, something you will have to pay for rather than the cat owner.

All the arguments you make so forcefully have been made before in one way or another but the problem still crops up time and time again.  The fact that cats can be contained quite happily within the owner's garden and house and walked on a lead for their exercise is often beyond the understanding of the majority of cat owners.  

Not much help but hopefully you will feel a bit better having got it off your chest - you have my utmost sympathy


Thank you for your response, Philippa, it's appreciated. I've since had a more direct word with the owner, who has agreed to try and keep her in, or rehome her, since she now also has kittens :-( Another responsibility that many owners lack in taking care of.


We love all animals in our happy house.

We also love feeding wild birds in our garden.

What we don't like is neighbourhood cats killing the birds we feed & leaving their mess in our garden.

The ONLY solution we have found is the UK made ultrasonic cat deterrent Catwatch.

It scares the cats away using noise which you can't hear,but the cats don't like.

Tested & approved by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Available online, it works, and best of all is does not harm the cat, it's just a noise. 


The ultrasonic thingy works for me too.

If the ultrasonic works for you, that's great - it has been discussed before on this and other threads and the consensus seems to be that it doesn't work for everyone.


Although the constipation issue hasn't gone away!  Lol


Cod liver oil WillDB ?  Just stay in your own garden for 24 hours after taking it tho

I bought one of those sonic cat scaring things. It worked directly behind where I placed it for all of two days. Then I caught the cat squatting right in front of it. It looked at me over its shoulder as though to say 'Challenge accepted!' I hate the damn thing with a passion. I've hacked my poor roses and hawthorn hedges to bits to place their thorns on the beds, and it still craps everywhere. It gets in amongst my Raspberry canes, has no sense of smell at all! I put down £18 worth of ground pepper in two days and the damn thing dug through it like it was fresh sand to mess in!!!! If it can't mess there it does it in the open on my lawns. Then the next thing you see is all the bleeding heart posts on facebook because their cats are missing, been run over, or have been poisoned. 

Again, be responsible owners. Try looking after your pets. Keep them in, or build them a pen. Keep them safe, and stop expecting everyone else to take responsibility for your pets. 

In total now I have spent over £150 trying to keep this cat out of my garden, to no avail. For a garden I can no longer use, because of someone else's cat, a cat they said they would keep in, but don't. That is money I can't afford, and money I would much rather have spent on my actual garden to please me. I don't wish ill on the cat, but I can fully understand why people poison them. I've looked all over youtube, and the net, the only things I haven't tried are chemicals, chilli to burn her feet and mouth, and poison.

Several people seem to have success with the Water Scarecrow things - again it is unfortunately up to you to outlay the money.  Cats dislike getting wet - their Achilles heel so to speak.

Everything you say has been said before but the problem persists.  The situation will not change until the majority of cat owners understand they have a "pet" - not a wild animal - and accept their responsibilities to both their pets and to other people.

I'm not aware of any chemical which deters cats, chilli powder is a complete waste of time and poison of any kind is definitely not the way to go.

It's maddening but until attitudes change, we will always have the problem

Anyone tried cucumbers?

Having seen youtube compilations of cats literally jumping in fear at the sight of one placed behind them, I think I'll give it a go.

There's a black one that's shitting in my new flower bed, the little twat.

I was told Moth Balls, because of the smell, but they are a pesticide/chemical, and I garden organically. Aside from the fact that they stink just as bad as the cat muck, I'm already worried about what I've put down is doing to my soil :-( I was also told jayes fluid, various spays with bleach, and all stuff that I just wouldn't want to use :-( 

The problem I have is that my garden is large with several access points. I doubt even a scarecrow water pistol thing would work, because the cat would have to walk past it, which may work once, as the sonic thing did.

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