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09/04/2013 at 17:01
09/04/2013 at 17:07

...nothing worse than baggy pants Christopher...

09/04/2013 at 18:17
To keep pants compact tighten belts.
Mahonia can be cut back very hard...very hard..without probs. in fact, they benefit from it.
Not just my own but I have rejuvenated other lanky, thin flowering-at-the-top-only mahonias. They usually flower following year too. The result of such pruning is to make for bushy pants.....plants... with more flowers
09/04/2013 at 20:24

I've got one that's getting a bit leggy Verdun. Would you cut all the stems back or just half of them? Now?

09/04/2013 at 20:52
No, cut them all. It might seem drastic but it soon regrows. Too many mahonias I see are sooooo tall and lanky with flowers in the sky
09/04/2013 at 21:03

Thanks Verdun, mine's not too bad yet but I don't want it to be. It's on the cutting list. 

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6 messages