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...nothing worse than baggy pants Christopher...

To keep pants compact tighten belts.
Mahonia can be cut back very hard...very hard..without probs. in fact, they benefit from it.
Not just my own but I have rejuvenated other lanky, thin flowering-at-the-top-only mahonias. They usually flower following year too. The result of such pruning is to make for bushy pants.....plants... with more flowers

I've got one that's getting a bit leggy Verdun. Would you cut all the stems back or just half of them? Now?

No, cut them all. It might seem drastic but it soon regrows. Too many mahonias I see are sooooo tall and lanky with flowers in the sky



Thanks Verdun, mine's not too bad yet but I don't want it to be. It's on the cutting list. 

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