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Hello everyone,


This is my first time here and thought I would use this forum to help me gain a better lawn.


I have a relatively small lawn in my back garden and up until around a month ago it was swarming with dandelions and other weeds.  After giving the lawn a cut I sprayed the weeds with Resolva Weedkiller (24h action), and sure enough in time the weeds turned black as expected.  I then removed the weeds, raked the garden over lightly and kept watering the grass in the dry spells, hoping that grass would start to grow.  It seems like I may have killed the grass in these areas as there are yellow-ish patches which make it look a real mess. 


I decided to sprinkle new grass seed over the whole garden and kept it watered during periods when there was no rain, no improvement.


Should I be using weed and feed?  Or maybe some sort of fertiliser (I have a cat so whatever I use needs to be pet-friendly).  I certainly do not want to start re-turfing the whole lot, but I fear that may be my only option to bring 'green' grass back.


Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.






After a week or so


I think you should have used weed and feed in the first place.  You need to use a special type of weedkiller that kills broad leaved weeds, but doesn't kill grass.  Resolva  kills everything, so kills the grass as well.


I think you may be right and you have no option but to re turf.As fidgetbones says you should have bought weed and feed for lawns,it is always better to ask in the shop if you are not sure.You may have to wait a while before returfing,until the Resolva has finished acting.

Pjs2003...Paul.  Welcome to the forum.

Right, you have used a total kills everything, grass included.  There is a Resolva LAWN weedkiller that kills just the weeds not the grass but this isn't what you used.

You have to wait now because the grass will die.  I would energetically rake the dead grass out and loosen the soil.  Scatter some fertiliser and rake it imto the soil. Sow fresh grass seed containing dwarf rye.  Don't use any weed and feed or weedkiller on your new grass for at least 6 weeks or even further lawn feed.

Water your new lawn and keep it fairly moist for the summer.

(on the subject of Resolva lawn weedkiller, I find it too does damage the grass I use Verdone or other lawn weedkillers instead which are just as effective on weeds but don't affect the grass)

I also have experienced problems with Resolva Lawn Weedkiller.  Despite using it exactly as the instructions recommend, the grass around the weeds also dies.  Yes it will eventually grow back as it appears to only scorch the blades rather than kill the roots but I do not think this is acceptable for a product which claims not to kill the grass.  As others have said, I think Verdone is a safer option.

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