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Hi newbie here,

        We bought our house at the begining of the year, the back garden is approx 1/8th of an acre which by all accounts has just been left to it's own devices for the past 35 years.

As I stepped outside this afternoon I noticed all of these leaves seem to have appeared from nowhere. Given the garden is so overgrown and we are tackling it as slowly and steadily as possible I am scared it might be the dreaded knotweed. I know someone in the neighbouring street has it on the boundary of a forrest and their garden.

There do not appear to be any flowers on it. It seems  to have just sprouted in the last month or so I would imagine. There is a long branch like shoot which I have photographed and I was hopeful that this might be a tree or something (we had about 20 odd untendered trees which we felled).

Any help is desperately appreciated.




























Looks like a cornus, (dogwood), to me. Definitely not a knotweed.

Thank you so much nutcutlet, that is a big relief. In the process of research I've discovered I have bindweed up the top of the garden (silly me looking up at the pretty white flowers and thinking it wasn't all bad). I think if it was knotweed I would have wept!

Won't stop me from gettin a JCB in I think but a great relief never the less, thank you again!


Be careful ,you never know what hidden gems may be lying dormant in a garden left to its own devices for 35 years,have a good look around before doing anything too drastic.

I know, I wish there was a local horticultural type group, they'd be welcome to come take what they pleased but to be honest it's mainly full of thistles, jaggy nettles, brambles and lots of ivy which took us an inordinate length of time taking it off the house without damaging the render anyone who wishes is more than welcome to come and inspect for hidden gems lol.


Lanarkshire lass

I suggest you spread a rumour of a body buried there.  You'll soon get your land cleared.

If knotweed had been left to grow in a garden for 35 years, the only thing you're likely to find in yours and for gardens all around is knotweed.  Both you and everybody else would know about it.


Mind you Cornus is a pretty difficult weed to get rid of, though not on the Bindweed/Knotweed class. Every little bit of root left in will grow into a new shrub, pretty quickly too.

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