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I have a laburnum tree in my front garden. It is about 20 years old.

This year it flowered as usual

Today I noticed that all the leaves have gone brown and died.

There are flowers/shrubs underneath which are not effected

It seems green when I broke off a twig.

Does anyone know what has happened?

Yep, me too. I was convinced that some sort of airborne pollution was to blame. As we live in a rural area with only sheep for neighbours I was puzzled by it. We did have a big fire 20 miles away and the pollution blew in our direction for 3 days. Anything similar that you can remember?

Thank you guys for the replies.

There is not any pollution that I am aware of.

I will look up tip dieback.


Thanks Buddyboy.

Is it wise not to plant another tree in the same spot if this one has to come down?

The twig is still green inside, does that mean it is still alive?



Green doesn't mean it's still alive Carol, not when it looks as dead as that. It just means it hasn't been dead long.

I don't know laburnum diseases but I'm sure it will be a disease. It's not old, mine were planted around 1960, I've known them for the past 20plus years. They do have bits of die-back but I've been lucky and never lost a whole tree.

Thanks guys, you have been a real help


Hi BB. I'm not easily offended. I give my opinions and respect those of others. That's how a forum goes for me

Ms P

Thank you. It does look like the picture a bit. The bark is orangey and has stripped off in some places leaving it silver.


Interested in Buddyboy's comments on root-rot. My 20 year old Laburnum started dying last year. When I shook it it did wobble and it came out remarkably easily as there  were only two large roots about 25mm diameter visible. If this was indeed root-rot, does whatever cause the problem stay in the soil (if indeed it is in the soil and not airborne) and is it wise to replace it? Finally, is there any way to cleanse the soil?

1 yr old laburnum tree, has more seed pods than leaves, looking very sad, does this need some ericaceous

?  Advice would be appreciated  thanks sair.

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Alina W

It should be fine in any soil. The one thing it doesn't like is being waterlogged.

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