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After last year when my young laburnum flowered profusely, this year at least  two branches haven't flowered at all and one branch only flowered at the top. Why has this laburnum not produced flowers in these areas?



i have a young Laburnum tree which is flowering beautifully and growing nicely but over the last couple of years the leaves are attacked and eaten by an unknown source which last year almost completely stripped the tree, is there something I can treat it with to prevent it from happening again this year. I have noticed that some leaves have already been eaten but  cant see any sign of what is causing this

The leaves on my Lyburnum tree are turning yellow and falling off is this a sign of the tree dyeing?, thanks. 

My laburnum tree has flowered every year ,but this year itwas the best ever,and now it has gone black and looks dead 

any ideas 


When you say black, which bit is black? The seed pods are black when formed.

Have you a photo?

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