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what am I doing wrong?

planted the free seeds that came with GW mag few issues ago but nothing has appeared yet

any one else had same problem?


80"s I sowed mine directly into garden, no sign yet, but I'm still hopefully, unless they've drowned.

Secret Squirrel

I'm the same, I put some in the ground and some in pots, zilch!


I put mine in pots in the cold frame. I've got loads.  Although I stupidly left the lid up the night before last and they nearly drowned.  Hopefully I've saved them.

me too! none. i have them in my borders, and some in pots.. and nothing.


Singing Gardener

Nope - mine haven't appeared either and I sowed them some time ago. I've just sowed some Flanders poppy seeds which I was given for my birthday (which I suspect came free with the garden gift vouchers which accompanied them) so hopefully they will be more successful.

Green Magpie

Glad to hear it's not just me! No sign of my spotty poppies yet either. But then I'm not much good with annuals. I do know that poppy seeds stay viable for many years, so perhaps they'll spring into life one day when we're least expecting them.


Busy Bee2

Oh I haven't even planted them yet, and was feeling guilty, but reading this, I'm not sure I will bother.  Only one of you is reporting any success

Green Magpie

The instructions on the packet said just to sow them direct. But a friend of mine bought seeds for these poppies last year, and told me that when she sowed some direct, they didn't appear (as for most of us here). So she sowed the rest in a seed tray and then planted them out when they'd germinated, and they were fine. I was too lazy to follow her advice, but if anyone hasn't sown theirs yet, it might be worth a try.

Busy Bee2

I could do an experiment I suppose??  A la Beechgrove?  We now have to plant some sunflower seeds because the one sunflower our foster son (6) was growing from a seed he planted at Beavers, he knocked off the hardening off table and snapped .  Not sure they will have time to flower now, but that's not the point.  Elastoplast is often not needed - doesn't mean one doesn't go on

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