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Hi Everybody.  I have inherited a large (about 6ft x 4ft) Bergenia, and although the leaves look healthy and fat, it didn't flower much in the Spring. A friend suggested that I divide it. My question is; Should I do it now, and if yes, how do I do it? The plant is in a very shady area and the soil is very heavy clay.

Many thanks.


The clay and the shade account for the lack of flowers to some extent but they're easy to divide. Just dig them up, improve the soil if you can and put the best bits back.

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as nutculet says, i grow mine in clay soil and divide regurlarly and they flower in spring.

 bergenias are pretty adaptable but better in good  light I think.  I would divide now but not much later and get them into groups of 3 or 5.  And get some compost in the hole too.

Many thanks for the advice everybody. I'd better get on with it then. If only it would stop raining.

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