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I must say I am not adverse to re-cycled pots from sales or anywhere else,you can never find when your looking,only find when not looking,I had been thinking about the weight ,when as above KT53 in post the same thoughts, how heavy they would be should you want to move them,even if they were plastic probably not a good idea,had another idea,seen some coloured plastic dustbins guaranteed for 15years against weather conditions very cheaply priced,worth a thought,use some vision.

The Garden Superstore on line has lots of different types of plastic pots starting from 8p. They have 210 litre heavy duty pots, not sure how big they are but they sound big and the sizes go up to 500 litre pots.

There's also a slection of plastic patio pots in various sizes, round and square one's. Certainly worth a look.

I found them cheaper than Wilko's and a much bigger selection.   


i envy motnys large pots myself.. but i could never allow myself to spend that kinda money on them.. otehr half wouldnt let me for first thing..


That's the point I don't know where Monty found his pots,or how much they were?,I think he said at the time they were not expensive,so I don't know how much,have asked Gardners World to be kind enough to ask Monty,as he is the one who knows,seems a nice enough sharing guy, would probably not mind telling,so far not heard from Gardeners World,in their interest encourage me to buy more plants to fill large pots,hopefully, will hear something eventually.

Thanking everyone for all the helpful information supplied and taking the time to do so,I am new to this forum was not really expecting an answer,been overwhelmed with all the information and much appreciated,so glad i joined,have been watching Gardners World tv prog.for years,can't think why not joined the forum years ago,never too late.



I think monty forgets , we who watch G W don't have his money

to splash out on the things that he buys, like those tubs

that needed a forklift truck to position.

His not expensive' could be my ( very expensive ).


@patty3.. i have to agree.. he comes along with shrubs and roses and plants in barrow loads, and you can see they come from garden centre.. and i cant afford that.. most of all my plant have come from growing from seed or cuttings..

As much as i lvoe MOnty he does forget that not all of us have gardens as large as an airfield!! and i must say not happy it is last show toady of GW. it doesnt seem to have been so good this year.. too much going off and looking at stuff and not enough actual gardening


The show is definitely more Monty's World than Gardeners' World.  he and the production team need to take a step back and think about how ordinary folk garden, often on pocket hankerchief sized plots with available time and budgets to suit.

There need to be more simple solutions and design suggestions for common design and garden problems.    I can afford to buy three roses at a time but not if I also want clematis or other shrubs and perennials so I'd like to see the return of Carol on propagating for multiplying to save money but also for insurance against bad weather.  Also a section on dealing with common pests both organically and with products available to ordinary gardeners.


@obelixx. exactly.. it doe not seem to have much gardenin back bone this year.. carol has been out visitng all time.. hardly any time in her garden this year.. and monty has not shown much at all.. one week it sad show how to take cuttings from fuschia.. but he didnt show it and i have not seen it at all on any others,

something has to change in the show.. it is only 30mins long as it is so to waste it going round seeing peoples gardens  with loads of money and space. is no good to me at all.. i want to see hwo to grow and to cope and as you say all aspects of gardening..

 i get fed up of watching monty cut back dead plants or clear a path of weeds!

it is the stuff of watching paint dry!! 

We pay for his huge garden plants with the licence fee, so give us value for money. Carol to me is always the more interesting.

WE do need more gardening on tv, freeview repeats would do it's a long winter!

gardenning granny

wish they'd show repeats of Geoff Hamilton and his wonderful ideas at Barnsdale - a make do and mend creative gardener if ever there was one - and he loved to sit back and enjoy what he'd created.

with regard to pots - I bought three green "muck tubs" from B & Q about 10 years ago as a cheap and more easily moveable solution to the pot problem.  I had to drill holes about 6" up from the base around the edge to allow surplus water to drain out, wjhilst still allowing enough to gather at the bottom to sustain growth.  They are still going strong - excellent value for money - and have rope handles at the top to enable me to tow them around to where I want them.

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