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Following a recent watching of Friday nights gardeners world,I have been trying to source the huge plastic pots seen in Monty Dons garden recently being planted up,I would appreciate if anyone could tell me where to buy these very attractive pots.I have tried looking on the Internet but,so far no luck,perhaps someone would ask Monty Don.


star gaze lily

Our local gcs have great selection of pots. Where abouts do you live. There's a place called Pots and pithio (not sure of spelling)  look on the web, i'm sure you'll find it


Hi Madeleine - I've just 'watched again' and I don't think they were plastic - think they were terracotta

Lots available out there, at all sorts of prices depending on how frost-resistent they are.  I can't afford hundreds of pounds so I buy the cheaper ones knowing that if the weather gets very cold indeed I'll either have to bubble wrap them or risk them crumbling/cracking.  Putting them up on little feet will help to guard against that happening. 


Might need to remortgage the house Madeleine!


I looked at some 'reconstituted stone' pots a while back FG - you are right, £70 to £seriousamountofdosh!



Crikey Dove  Thems ain't cheap! And will probably be frost damaged within a year!!


Them's "proper" pots, Dove, at very "proper" prices!

BTW, I always say "spend as much on the hole as on the plant going in it" but I don't know where to buy plants that expensive!  Hmm, maybe one of those diamond encrusted gold trees which grow in Fairyland?!


Think you're supposed to over-winter them in your Orangery 

star gaze lily

Phewww! Dove, you wouldn't want to break one of those!! Thought pots and pithios was bad enough.


I've bought decent plastic pots in GCs before.  My favourites are a large terracotta look alike with a scrolled decoration and two others which look like patinated copper.  Light to move, frost proof and lasting well after about 10 years.

You can sometimes get special offfers at the end of season as GCs clear stock to make way for Xmas displays.

If you do buy terracotta, it helps to paint it with a clear acrylic varnish in up to 3 coats (not more as it goes filmy) to reduce water absorption and then stand them on pot feet t help drainage.  I would still remove them to a frost free place for winter.


What a response,thank-you all,I have spent in the past fortunes on all kinds of planters in the belief they would last and be frost proof,I have been deeply disappointed,I have found that the plastic pots are the best they are frost free don't break last for years and you can paint with a masonary paint in a colour of your choice or Cuprinol Shades.

I am sure when Monty Don first introduced these large pots he said they were not expensive,I have asked Gardners World about the pots in an e-mail, if would ask Monty Don directly as he only knows the real answer.

I am going to look into some of your kind helpful ideas of places to buy,I am not sure what CS is?

Thanks again for all your responses.


GC garden centre


Green Magpie

I have a feeling Monty said he'd picked up those pots in some bargain clearance or garage sale or something, and I remember thinking, "Wow, he was lucky!". The nearest I've found to that sort of bargain was in a closing-down sale at a GC, but the pots I got were not nearly as big as that.

Look out for garden or garage sales, maybe car boot sales, because stuff like that can turn up in house clearances etc. But if you're looking for them new, it'll cost you!


Most of the pots in the Apta range are guaranteed against frost damage for 10 years. 

It would take 2 people to lift some of the terracotta pots empty.  Trying to move one when planted up would be nigh on impossible without a crane!