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Evening all,

Spotted these in some of my pots, any idea what they are? I haven’t spotted any live ones yet.

They’re about an inch long.



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Looks like Mealworm ; a beetle larvae . Harmless I believe and an excellent foodstuff for birds . Possibly I'm wrong here ; others on the forum may know more .

They could be wire worm, larvae of the click beetle. Considered a pest especially as they burrow into potatoes.


Thought I'd be wrong , will stick to plants in future

Mike Allen

Mealworms are basically harmless to the gardener.  The grubs feed on stored grain etc.


Thanks everyone,

I’ll keep an eye on it for now. I’ve found them on the surface of pots filled with fresh purchased compost and spring bulbs which makes me think (hope) they might not be wireworm.

It’s just occured to me that they might be dried mealworms dropped from neighbours bird feeders which would explain why I can’t find any live ones, plus why some of them are in bits.



These are certainly mealworms, Alan.

Looks like your neighbour's bird feeder is the culprit!

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