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Rhondda Lass

I have come across over 10 of these larvae in my garden over the past few weeks and I don't know if they are harmful to the plants/veg I am growing.

I have clay soil and have found these bugs/larvae in the earth in my veg patch and under lawned area.

I really would be grateful if anyone could tell me what they are and if they do any damage.  If so - am I able to get rid of them somehow.

Thank you

Alina W

Any chance of a photo?

Rhondda Lass

Apologies - I can't seem to download of photo of the larvae.

They are approx 1.5 inches long and mid to dark brown.


leatherjacket larvae, perhaps...


Hi Rhonddalass,  Try opening your photos on your PC and see if you can find a 'Save As' in the File menu of whatever program opens them, then save them as .jpg format.  This will usually work.  It's much easier if we can see a photo.


Rhondda Lass

Thanks Marshmello,  It does indeed appear to be leatherjacket larvae.  I can now check how to try and get rid of them.  Appears nematodes applied in August might be the answer.

Apologies both that there was no photo provided.  I am new to site and I have tried always to load picture but with no joy.  Thanks again


Squiding leatherjackets and putting them on the birdtable works for me!

And encourage starlings - when they're digging their beaks into your lawn etc they're looking for leatherjackets 

Rhondda Lass

Thanks Dovefromabove - I do have starlings in the garden so hopefully they will eat quite a few larvae.  I have been squiding them on patio (and leaving them there - yuk !)

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