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Hi, I have had a delphinium in my garden for the last four years,It was a cutting sent to me from Scotland, but it never flowers till the end of Sept beginning Oct by the time it is in full flower the frost gets to it. I always thought that delphiniums came into flower in the spring so can anyone tell me why mine is so late? I live in the Midlands just outside Birmingham if thats any help.


Weather related again-I say again because there have been many recent discussions about plants doing odd things recently and it down to weather patterns this year

Having said that delphiniums will often flower twice a year-if cut back after first flowering


Just a thought, but are you sure it's a delphinium? Aconites look very similar IMHO, and do come into flower about now.

Thanks sotongeoff, But it has never flowered early in the four years it has been planted, not just this rear. I know dele's can flower twice but mine dont get a chance to.


Sorry -I thought you meant it was flowering unusually late now-why not take a picture so we can see what it looks like?


hi figrat yes I am pretty sure its a Delphinium I have grown them before and it looks pretty much like one to me.I will google Aconites to make sure.


I will take  a photo and hopefully post it as I'm not the worlds best with pc,s

I'd say aconite for sure. Let's wait for other verdicts.

really, I looked them up on Google and they didnt look anything like this. Do I just look for aconites or is there another name with it? I sound so dumb sorry.



Sorry, you.ll have to copy and paste above link into your browser.

It certainly looks like Aconitum to me

Pam LL x

Oh ,thank you all for your replys. I must admit I have never heard of this plant before so please excuse my ignorance. Is it related to the Delphinium ? now another question do I treat it the same as I would a Delphinium?



Did you read the link I posted??


sorry, Yes I have now sotongeoff, I didnt know how to cupy and paste but I didnt have to I just clicked on your link and it opened. I did say in an earlier post that my pc skills were limited, but hey ho I got there in the end. thank you so much it was very helpfull.


Moonsilk2. Aconitums die down soon. Break off the dead "sticks" in autumn or spring.

Take care with it, wear gloves at all times, as ALL parts of the plant are poisonous.

Am jealous, as despite having a part-shade garden they just dont 'like' me. Delphiniums also get chewed & chewed so gave up with those a long time ago. J.

I know many would disagree with me but as soon as I see shoots coming through in spring I put slug pellets down(on my now know to be Aconitums) and Delphiniums. Oh and thank you for the warning much apreciated.


hollie hock

Moonsilk- you are not alone- I use slug pellets very occasionally especially when slug tasty favourite plants are  just shooting. I did this earlier this year- It just allows the plant to develop