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I am very late in planting my garlic but learnt a tip this morning and would like to pass it on. You can plant the cloves in pots and put them into a greenhouse or coldframe. When the shoots appear plant them out at the first opportunity. I hope this is helpful.



Last year I was very late and as they like a bit of a chill popped them in Fridge for a couple of weeks. Success, all be it a little small.


I always miss the boat with garlic so this is very useful to know. Thanks Sasha and Bjay. I do expect a cold snap so fridge may not be necessary.


I just hope it helps. I have been kicking myself for weeks for not getting it in but somehow time runs away with itself so I was pleased to get this tip this morning .

Rosa, when you say you put them in the fridge - how? Entire bulb or separated cloves? I'd like to know about that tip, too, as it is quite possible that I shall be in the same position next year 



Just put them in - bulbs -about middle fridge, then planted out into veg bed. The resulting bubs were small but very strong!


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