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Hi i am beside myself ive quite a large garden and recently had to replace my hedging with laurel unfortunially the laurel isnt doing so well the leaves have turned yellow and dropped off on most of them and some have no leaves at all, the weather here is really bad  and im beginning to think their drowning as their has been that much rainfall it has left the garden very wet can someone please help i really dont want to start replacing them as their is a lot of them and have allready cost a lot of money.


How long ago did you plant them and how big are they?  Were they bare-root plants or in pots?

I've a feeling that they're suffering from transplant shock and that by this time next year most of them will have recovered, but you may have to replace a few of them.  I keep my fingers crossed for you.

This is a useful video re establishing laurel hedging,


the laurel was planted in May and they were in pots their is new growth on them but even these ones have lost their leaves, they were about 2 foot some a little bigger i really hope youre right and it is transplant shock.




I wouldn't give up on them yet 

What about contacting the supplier for advice?


think i might just do that thanks

Moonlit Hare

We moved to a new house in April and we have a shed load of established laurel.

All "SUMMER!" they've been shedding leaves which are yellow and brown.... now it's not as noticable on our plants as it is on yours, because they are established but I think you should stick with them, there's been so much rain this year I was considering building an ark! It might just take until spring for some new growth to come through and bulk them up.

The other thing we have is the laurel berries dropping and sprouting so we've a second layer coming through busshing up the lower half.



i planted some laurel hedging myself in may.. and it too has lost leaves going yellow and brown.. and not a healthy looking colour.. and i gve them a cut back.. and htey have started sprouting new leaves.. so hang in there.. they might well survive..

Hi all. 

We planted some laurels two years ago (in the wet summer of 2012).  We watered them regularly and they all did very well.  Over the past couple of months a couple of trees have lost leaves and are now bare branches.  The other trees continue to look ok.  Could this be due to the dry summer? (we live in Norfolk-with low rainfall), we thought they were well established, or could another reason be the cause?  Any help would be appreciated.  I can post photos if needed. 

When I planted two 4 foot laurels a couple of months back, one of the laurels started to shed its leaves.  I fed it some Epsom salts as advised by Verdun and its fine again now.  My husband is very impressed!

I planted a laurel hedge two years ago and it seems healthy enough , what can I feed it to give it a spring boost?

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