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I have a large bumpy lawn with a 4 foot high hill at the back strewn with brambles and weeds.

I paid a "man with digger" to remove the hill to flatten out the garden.  He scraped back the topsoil and grass.  Then moved the clay'y hill to flatten out the garden.

He now suggests putting back the old topsoil and grass (with old grass mixed up with the topsoil) on top of this flattened clay'y earth and then re-seeding with grass.

I am unsure whether this will produce a nice lawn, I can't find anything online which suggests this sort of thing? 

Any advice very gratefully recieved.

Can you post pictures of your lawn, I'm no expert but other posters may be able to advise.  

Go to the projects section, page 2, how to sow a lawn from seed. Its the perfect advice. Oh and keep the topsoil, it'll make a great seed bed for the grass seed.


What is your main concern?

Is it the clay base will be poor drainage to a future lawn or the old top soil and grass will ruin the lawn?

Sorry no answers, just thinking out loud.

Susan, you concerned the old grass will seed into your new seed mixture?

I see nothing wrong with returning the,top soil.  

I would dig over, rake and level the area removing all roots, stones etc.  what sort,of lawn did you want?  If a normal everyday quality one then this should be fine.  Spend the winter getting it right and then look to sow seed in late march. Or, do you want some of this area as a border for plants?  

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