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Sotongoeff, it's called lawn grub killer. Get it online . You can get size you need for your lawn area by return of post

Well thanks Christopher but it wasn't me that asked but gardenfanatic-anyway she has her answer


The pale looking strip in the photo next to the bed looks like the fertiliser was missed from that area rather than burn to me. My guess is a mix of fertiliser burn and areas that have no fertiliser so look like what all the lawn would wihtout the fertiliser!


I was very interested to read your posts gardeningfanatic. I have had the same brown patches in my lawn, I had looked at the same possible causes. I wondered about ants or drier conditions as it was mainly under a large tree.
There didn't see to be ants in all the patches and it really hadn't been that dry though. Blamed tree roots nearer the surface.
When I read on I saw that you and I have both used the same lawn care company treatment! I have been on holiday and need to go and check out the lawn now my hubby has cut it to see if there is any recovery!

@nola... well that might be it.. as they told me that they have had many complaints from their customers.. i really do think it is their fault that my lawn went as it has.. and possibly yours too... well worth a chat with them.. let me know how it goes.

@christopher2.. many thanks for that..



@nola.. also check to see if it is on your borders... mine is still sat on top of the hard dry soil un dissolved as it is ion my lawn.. as we have had no rain for a while now..


Will do gardeningfanatic, will have to wait until the heavy rain stops before I go out! They are due to come round next week so I can see what they say. Must say the rest of the lawn looks much better than before though.
Been out to check, the brown patches seem to have greened up again during the time i've been away. Perhaps as the rain was more torrential it was able to get through to the lawn under the tree better?

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