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Hi all, I have a lawn which is covered in moss. I am going to give it a good scarify but am also looking to improve its condition going forward. What product would you recommend for this? There are plenty out there! I don't mind having to repeat the application on a weekly basis if required. It just needs to kill all weeds, the moss and feed the lawn! Thanks in advance!

I always use Evergreen and it seems to do the job. I only use it in spring, and rarely more than once. I never bother with an autumn feed. I think most of the products readily available will do a good job - it probably comes down to your pocket!  

If your grass is very mossy, perhaps it's too shady or very compacted - or a combination of both. You may always struggle to get a good 'sward' if that's the case Budsgarden. Might be worth doing a bit of re seeding as well, and remember not to cut too short when you mow - that just gives the moss a chance to muscle in. 

Hi fairygirl.

Thanks for the response. It was shaded due to a large tree but that blew down in the storms so is quite open now!

So, would I need to mow the lawn, then scarify, then weed & feed and finally re-seed? I'm guessing the garden will need good soak before scarifying?

Thanks in advance?

Look up weed and feed on the internet - you might be shocked how dangerous it is to pets and wildlife.  There is no warning on the packet, except saying don't let children or pets walk on it.  It's a poison, not just for plants.

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