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how can I help my lawn survive the onslaught of my four chickens by using a fertiliser on it that will be harmless to the chickens if they should eat any of it.

Grass fertilizer will kill a rabbit if it eats the grass-don't think it does the same to a chicken-but to be on the safe side-I don't let mine out if I have treated the lawn-they peck all the grass anyway

I would suggest just not mixing the two for a few weeks


Lawn and chickens. Does that count as an oxymoron? 

flowering rose

I think forget about doing anything to the lawn the chickens will do that plus make a dust bath,but they are worth it,bless.

When i had lots of chickens the lawn was at its best, they ate all the slugs, scratched all the moss out and ate the clover, they fertalized it well. I made a special area for a dust bath so all in all, i like chickys on the grass.

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