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one of my lawns is in a very poor condition needs aerating scarifying and feeding am I too late to start this process,( is their any other route to take ) or is it better late than never.

thank you




Definitely better late than never - although if it were autumn you should use a feed formulated for autumn, rather than now which is the growing season - but it isn't autumn so go ahead now with a good scarifying/aeration followed by a general lawn feed or weed & feed type formulation, following the instructions on the pack re when to apply/water.cut etc.


...and resist the temptation to cut grass too low.  Higher cut looks better, creates healthier lawn and resists drought.....if we get into that....better.  Not too high but just slightly higher


Thanks Verdun -  I meant to say that - more lawns ruined by scalping than almost anything else - apart from anything else, those bare patches of soil are an invitation to weed seeds to make themselves at home

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