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I posted recently about bird damage to my lawn and  chafer grub was/is the culprit.  I treated the lawn with the recommended lawn grub killer and now two weeks on the birds are still active and the grubs still alive; am I being impatient in expecting the treatment to work in two weeks?   I shall give the lawn another treatment - my question is  about the dozens of small holes in the lawn; in your experience will the lawn recover by itself  when the problem is sorted.,,,,,although I understand the grubs eat the roots so I guess some reseeding will be necessary - your advice on  how best  to proceed would be appreciated.  I have little or no knowledge of lawn care save mowing, although I have scarified the lawn in an attempt to make things a little better (or worse maybe).

Many thanks.

Did you water in grub killer after treatment. Did you try to stretch out treatment to go further thus diluting the chemical? It should have worked by now. The holes in the lawn will recover. I would rake the lawn and reseed. I know it's bit late but I've been reseeding recently and germination is rapid. When you rake see if chafers and leatherjacket larvae are still to be seen. If so,then treat again

Christopher2 - many thanks.  The lawn was well watered after treatment and we had a day of rain; dilution was as per pack directions.  I'll rake the lawn and re-treat.


Thanks again

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