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I went down the garden this afternoon to do the autumn clear up and was horrified to see my lawn that was laid in June had been ripped up entirely. What on earth would have done this? 


Badgers or wild boar looking for juicy worms and grubs.   Where are you?

Dudley so definitely not badgers or wild boar. It looks like a tank has driven over it. It's that churned up its un salvageable. It's literally been ripped up


Assuming it happened at night and neither you nor your neighbours heard anything it may well be badgers living in nearby woods.  Ask around.

If it happened in teh daytime, maybe somebody saw something.


Crikey Dove...........they certainly do a lot of damage!

We laid turf in one of our gardens, and basically the badgers just peeled it back every night to reveal lots of bugs, and they trashed it.  Even with canes and badger deterrent soaked rags it was pointless.  We had to pull it all up and seed it instead.  An expensive lesson learnt and man does that badger deterrent stink .  I've seen the deterrent stuff has now been banned but someone peed into a bottle and sprayed that round the garden.  Maybe that could help.
Don't know if this is any help

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