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Would anyone like to share with me their opinions of tried and trusted lawn feeds please? I am totally bamboozled by all the products on the market.  Thankyou 

Alina W

If you can find it, pelleted chicken manure (in very small pellets, especially for ease of spreading on lawns) works really well.

I buy lawn feed from Lidl every year.  It is cheap and ideal for feeding the lawn all summer.  However, it is only sold in the spring. 

Would definitely buy lawn feed as opposed to chicken manure....think about it, do you want to sit on a lawn top dressed with chicken manure?

Options include buying granular feed....they are all much the same so go on price. 

I supplement during the summer by watering on a cheap lawn tonic


I tend to use a weed/feed/mosskiller in spring then a monthly liquid feed with Miracle Gro Lawn Food, seems to work well for me 

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