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for the last four years i have been trying to get a nice lawn but to no avail.  So i have removed  the turf and found out why, under the turf is builders rubble and all sorts, i have removed the large stones and i am going to double dig, do i need to remove the smaller stones?, then what else to do please.

builders rubble is the worse, it will burn the roots of plants including grass make sure all rubble is removed I would leave the small stones as it will improve drainage as long as no cement is on the stones.

do not cut the grass too more than a third of the lenght of the grass.

do not water at night.

do feed twice a year 1st in the spring then in the autumn

water in the morning before the sun gets to hot,best to use a water timer on your hose.

i have just got a cherry tree and discovered builders rubble where i want to plant it.  how big an area will have to be dug for roots, and is the best solution to get someone in with a digger?  would that be very expensive? the rubble is deep.

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