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I sowed my own lawn 5 years ago with a mixture which didn't contain rye grass. It's grown okay but the problem is I am getting a lot of coarse grass becoming established and it, as well as the finer grass, is growing prostrate. Always believed the best mowers are cylinders and have stuck with them. But now I'm getting fed up with all the missed long prostrate grass that when raked after the mower looks a real mess.  My neighbours all have rotary machines and I have to admit they appear to make a better job.  Do they suck up the grass and offer the long grass to the blade erect? 

I nurture my grass with more love than it deserves, certainly with more than my neighbours bother with theirs yet theirs is far superior, envy.... I'm a sinner,I confess!

So my learned friends, how do I make it erect? Or am I destined to become ever prostate 

Same problem I had.

I once craved the perfect lawn....cylinder Mower to match.  Too much work and unrealistic to maintain that perfect fine leaved lawn

Now I use a rotary mower for very reason you suggest..the cylinder just mowed over the prostrate long blades of rough grass.  I also raised the cut.  My lawn is lush, green and even....looks very good.  It is now a mixture of grasses.....I oversow with dwarf grass seed and it works well with the finer grasses

I am now not so obsessed about an "immaculate" lawn but am well satisfied with it

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