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New turf laid in November to our new bungalow.  Before laying turf we dug the ground over and thought we had got rid of lots of lily of the valley bulbs - obviously not, as they are now forcing the turf up.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Just keep cutting them of as they appear-in time you will weaken the bulbs and they will disappear-but you may have to suffer this for a year or two

The only other alternative to dig them out with a trowel or spot weed them-but as it is new turf do you really want to do that?


Yes, just keep mowing - they'll get weaker and weaker and give up eventually - or if you don't mind holes in your new lawn you could dig them all out and package them up and send them to me for my Shady Bank 

Keep mowing... I had loads of dandilions in my lawn... and they grew back even after a re-turf... tried ever chemical known to man to get rid of them but it's been regular mowing which cured the lawn, along with a weed and feed in Autumn and Spring.

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