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My front lawn is awful, full if weeds and green but in summer turns purple with yellow due to weeds including dandilion!!! I have tried getting out there with a knife believe me. So question is what to do. This year I watered in verdol I think and nothing happened at all. Do I try again or get a company to square it up to kick me off. 


What costs are we talking for companies, do any of you use???


Can't help you with info on lawncare companies.  We just keep mowing ours, and as long as what is growing in it is green then don't worry too much


I agree chicky. and much more interesting than grass. Leave it a week and there's lots of flowers; lovely clover for the bees, bright blue speedwell, those little purple self-heals, and if you leave it long enough, dog daisies and agrimony.


My lawn has fashionable pretensions; it's becoming a wildflower lawn without any help from me at all 

Wasn't it sad to see that couple opt for the Astroturf lawn 


Yes Dove and the green keeper !!.

but 8 hrs a day on a lawn is a bit over the top but that mans(DR) lawn look fantastic didn't it



Stacey Docherty

Red what about trying the micro clover they were on about? Johnson's sell it.... My lawn is wrecked and it was last year as I have to walk on it to get to the compost heap and the garden room plus I want my lo out playing all year not just on sunny days so it takes a real bashing..... Spring time a good rake an a huge reseed and it comes good.... It takes work but I get it looking great again..... I am investing in the micro clover for the shaded stepping stone area as no matter how many re seeds no grass grew!!! Plus it will save me a fortune in feed!!!we tend to not think of it as a plant but it is......


I have tried several lawn feeds and find the best is Westland feed, weed and moss killer, my grass was fantastic after this, almost deep sea green coloured and no weeds, really worked well.

Give it a good raking first.


I'm not *precious* about my lawns ever since we went to Austria for a June holiday and saw their grass filled with wild flowers.  I don't cut it too short and only remove the dandelions occasionally  with a daisy grubber - everything else stays.  There are much more interesting things to get on with in the garden than to worry too much about the grass.


I agree but our grass was all moss with plantain daisy and dandelion, by the summer it was all grass, beautiful.

May give tgat a go. And for my boggy back tiny lawn get one of those areorator thingies that take the plugs out then spread compost and sand over! Sick of the plodgy mess just from the dog walking on it!!


Higgy, that looks superb.


RD - I reckon if you want to change your weedy lawn into a really nice lawn then I bit if elbow grease is needed. Ideally remove the current turf, deal with the weeds, prepare the soil and relay new turf. But it's not everyone's choice.  

Lovely Higgy but couldn't do,without my lawn.  The smell when mown, the emerald carpet that sets off everything, the soft blanket to sit or lie on, the place for my dog to sunbathe and survey the world and the sheer pleasure of owning a lawn.

I agree with LeadFarmer except I would sow seed.

Roger  Brook

I confess to being rather precious with my own lawn and am old fashioned enough to think it is important to have a nice one to set off the much more important garden plants. In another life I would love to make an ecological lawn but for many gardeners a weedy lawn is just an excuse for neglect.

If it might give Red Dahlia hope I have seen many beautiful lawns achieved just by regular mowing and careful management. I am featuring my friend Peter's lawn on my blog this Wednesday. It was never sown or turfed, he just mowed- and fertilised, controlled weeds and things!

I do like Higgy's lawn!



Higgy, that lawn is just great

Interested in Sarah Raven referring to that fork as a pitch fork!  A pitch fork is something else entirely and is a lighter fork for hay making etc.  what she used is just a fork and is also called a graip, tho that may be a regional term. 


Regular cutting should rid the lawn of weeds - apart from low growing ones like clover. My front lawn, which is north facing is Ok looking, if with a yellow tinge. I try to keep off it in winter.

Back lawn, full sun even in winter has moss this year and that is after raking, aeration, backfilling with sand and top dressing. I also keep it longer to make it look greener and to hide that it is not flat at all.

I use weed and feed which helps keep weeds away, though not moss it seems.

Get yourself a push mower that'll make you mow it regularly-works for me   I mow with the blades set quite high so I'm not taking too much off, then I usually just let the grass clipping go back into the lawn to feed it (which does not cause thatch, that is dead grass).  Time I don't do this is if I want to reduce lawn fertility eg at the end of the season to reduce growth before winter.  I do also aerate with a fork and hollow tine aerator and scarify.  Removed plantain using a dandelion spade.  This work has really improved the drainage in just one year so it is worth it.

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