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28/03/2014 at 07:53

Hi everyone, I need some help with my front lawn. I've seed, weed and feeded it twice now with no response. I've also 'forked' it as I don't have any other way, is there anything I can do to help this process along? I just want a decent lawn not really a bowling green



28/03/2014 at 09:27

Is it in heavy shade all day? It looks like a combination of poor drainage (clay underneath?) and too much shade or something trampling all over it.

When you say you have treated it to feed, weed, and seed, twice, when was this?.  Its too early in the year for a response to that regime .  If you have recently seeded and it is not waterlogged or been eaten by the birds, seed should start to grow in the next month.

28/03/2014 at 10:44

Looks very soggy 

I'd agree with fidget - if you've seeded or fed it recently, you won't see any results for a little while.

28/03/2014 at 11:45

Do you have any signs of Leatherjacks? If not give it time.

28/03/2014 at 15:35

You'll need to reseed that lawn. If its damp and shady then get a seed variety specifically to suit. Leave it till its' about 3 inches and then cut with the lawnmower set to one inch. Don't feed or weed it till its established, it can take a whole season depending on your conditions, but at least 3 months. When you can see only tiny area's of soil between the grass plants, then it's established. Give it time.

If you have leather jackets, water with nematodes, directions on the packet

28/03/2014 at 19:08
It's not shady at all it's in good sun but if it's just a matter of time then I'll just sit on my hands and wait haha thanks everyone I'll post new photos if I get any change in the future
28/03/2014 at 19:11

It is clay rich soil though what can I do about that??

28/03/2014 at 20:21

It looks like its badly drained, which it may be if you are on solid clay. You can hire a tool which punches plugs out of the soil and then either fill with coarse sand or compost . Failing that if you decide to start again, rotovate a load of compost into the top 6 inches to give a better base, then firm down and reseed.

28/03/2014 at 20:25

Not an authority on lawns by any means but mine were looking a bit woebegone so Aftercut has been applied twice, after mowing of course, and they do look better for it.....nothing to lose Daniel?

28/03/2014 at 21:46

Hi Daniel.

Thankfully I have no lawn.  Can you give me some idea asto the birth of your lawn.  It appears that it is surronded by, what looks like woodchip?.  Please don't tell me you at sometime laid turf on top of woodchip.

Nevertheless.  Might I talk you through, what I would do.  Apart from tidying up the edges.  Good clean cut edges really do add to appearance.  Then stop feeding it.  Using a wire lawn rake.  That's the one that fans out from the stock.  Give the whole area a good even scarifying.  This isn't just raking.  It resenbles a scrubbing action over small areas at a time.  This will get rid of dead stuff.  Once you have cleared the waste.  Give the whole area a good spiking.  This is simply a method of forcing a fork straight down into the soil.  The purpose is to areat the soil.  This give access to air getting to the compacted soil and grass roots.  Next.  Depending upon your pocket or purse.  Some sharp sand, spraed over the area.  Then using if you have one.  An Ash rake.  This is all wood construction, usually used whe raking uo hay etc.  Using it upside down.  Spike pointing upwards.  Gradually rake over the area useing a back and forth movement.  This will have the effect of brushing the sand into the holes made by the fork.  Then the chioce is yours.  If you feel that it still looks orful, then a light top dressing of top soil, steralised if possible.  Spread this via a shovel like the sand.  A gentle raking using the Ash rake. ( an ordinary steel rake can be used, but the Ash rake is better).  Once this is done.  Using a good mixture of grass seed, scatter the seed as even as possible all over.  Once again a gentle raking will help.  Then the fight is on.   The birds will feel that they have been invited to dinner.  How you protect the seed and lawn is now your proble.  I do hope this info helps.  Keep us updated.

29/03/2014 at 16:08

today I've punched more holes in and reseeded lightly, then lightly covered in compost (about 1/4 inch) and watered down, it's very sunny here so let's see how this goes. More and more sun should make a big difference. 


No Mike I haven't laid turf on woodchip, thanks for the advice though. What I've done can't make it any worse so I'll take your course of action when thus fails, I'd have done yours first but ive literally dine this today haha



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