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Could someone please advise me on how to treat a 30-year old,seriously compacted lawn (on a thin layer of soil). There is a lot of worm activity at the moment, which presumably is helping to aerate the soil. The overall condition, though, is so bad, that I wonder if the best thing to do is to dig the lawn up and start again!


I think I would,start again. You feel up to the task? Winter is a good time to do it on dry days. I trench the old turf in...upside down....and add dried manure or compost and some fertiliser. Next summer you will be glad you laid new lawn.

You can spike the lawn with a fork and rake it then top dress it and sweep the dressing into the holes--this is hard work

You can hire/buy a machine to do a similar job

Or-next spring when it starts growing again use a lawn weed and feed preparation and with regular mowing it will look fine by the Summer

It all depends on how important is is to you-but probably preferable than starting again.

Thank you both for your advice. I think I'll follow yours, sotongeoff!

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