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This last week holes have appeared in my front lawn. No soil on top of the holes, just the grass being tufted out and what looks like someone's finger has scooped out underneath. I must have over a hundred plus of these now. At first Imthought that it was a hedgehog looking for food, but now it may be birds looking for leather jackets, although I really don't have any evidence of either. Anyone got any ideas?
Hiya dunk, that's exactly what it is....birds looking or leatherjackets, all over. Country at this time of the year this is happening. You can get lawn grub killer
Jean Genie

Another trick I've read about is to lay a bin bag out on the lawn overnight on the worst affected areas . The grubs will come to the surface and next morning you can remove it and dispose of them.

Jean, that is so messy. You need to anchor it down. Then move it around different parts of the lawn every night til whole area is don. I did just that , but just the one time. Its quicker n easier to apply treatment to the lawn......all done n dusted.
Jean Genie

I suppose it would be a bit tedious Christopher but I've never tried it - just something I read about. I have loads of birds foraging around on the lawn so don't think I'ld use the chemical method. 


Hi there
Thanks for the feedback. I'll give the bin bag a try first and see what comes up. I'll let you know what happens.

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