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I like to have a fairly nice lawn (I’m far from obsessive) it’s full of moss after the winter we have had,  it’s obviously fairly wet at the moment  –  not excessively as a gentle slope - we may have a ‘dry’ week next week, should I leave well alone, high cut sometime soon, weed and feed, borrow a scarifier, I’ve heard of using sand (?)  - any suggestions please? (we should not have a frost in Devon next week)


If it's as wet as mine I'd keep off it.


No point in doing anything till it dries out and the grass start growing-any applications will not work yet-give it a few more weeks-it is going nowhere -pretend you can't se it

looks like leave it alone maybe best - thanks. I will spend time on the rest of the garden.  The problem is next break is Easter and if that is wet I end up trying to scarify too late and can make it look worse, what sort of times do you do what jobs to sort out lawns please?

This video is good - but I'm still unsure when to do these jobs? (it is often a bit wet in Devon!)

Monty's video on lawn renovation:


Timimg is difficult-you need to see the grass growing-then start work-the average day time temperature needs to be constant minimum around 9/10C for that to happen-and we haven't reached that yet-and it is set to get colder

Just hold off for a while



Just looked at the video-in the background you can see forsythia and daffodils in full bloom-which gives you the indication that at the present moment it is too early to start work on the lawn

Thanks, its a shame I can't do anything now though.

is there anything  can spread on the lawn now to kill off some of the moss before perhaps I scarify, moss seems to be the biggest issue down here this year.


OK-you are obviously anxious about this-and again it would be better to wait-anyway you can buy a moss killer especially for lawns-follow the instructions- apply now and see what happens-if it it works now than a success-if it doesn't try again in a few weeks

Best to resist the temptation and delay lawn treatment for 3 weeks or so. Scarifying whilst grass/ soil is wet will do more harm than good. However, if this dry spell continues for another week you could do your moss and scarifying treatment next weekend, say.

October & I wanted to get the lawns scarified, but have I left it too late as it's constantly damp with dew. I'll be using an electric scarifier. I can't see anything appropriate on the forum for this job at this time of the year.

Any advice appreciated.


Try starting a new thread gsd, with an appropriate title like 'is anyone using an electric scarifier just now- is it ok?'. That way, you'll get responses to your specific question  

Having said that, I'd have thought you could use it later in the day without any issues - surely it's no different to using a lawnmower just now? Or are you worried about doing too much damage to the grass?


Thanks Fairygirl, will do. I cut the grass yesterday no problem, hence the reason to scarify & the question posed. Anyone reading this thread now, the advice of Fairygirl has been taken. Please see new thread.


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