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Can anyone recommend a lightweight leaf blower, please?


I have a Black and Decker. It has two attachments, one to blow and one to suck. I use the sucking one most.


I have one (probably the same  one as busy lizzie.)

Blowing works well on dry leaves. Sucking into the collector bag is OK for small quantities. 

I usually have large quantities of wet leaves and resort to a spring tine rake and a lightweight snow shovel.


Also leaves on the lawn get mown up and shredded at the same time using a rotary mower, and then added to the compost heap. Much quicker than  leaf blower/rake option.


I mow the leaves on the lawn too, but I use the machine for the leaves on the paved terrace, which has a lime tree growing from a bed in the terrace, it's a large terrace. 


Thanks everyone for your advice.  There is more than one problem-  first, I can't lift anything at all heavy, and then the fact that the great leaf fall occurs in areas difficult to reach. A lightweight leaf blower could be a solution, one that could be recommended.

Jim Macd

Hi Rosie, my usual first port of call for reviews is Amazon. I then read the worst and the best, just a couple and try to weigh it up. Obviously the more reviews the better. I wish I could help more but I've never had the joy of using one.  


I think Jim's idea of reading the reviews is better than believing what the seller tells you

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